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Susan's Guestbook Archives

Name: Leona Conner E-mail:
City: Knoxville Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu Sep 19 18:44:56 2002

P&P was probably the best romance novel ever written. I have read and re-read many times and never tire of it. I loved the A&E movie, it really brought the characters to life. Especially Colin Firth as Darcy.

Name: Patricia Mc Donagh E-mail:
City: Galway Country: Ireland
Homepage: Date: Mon Sep 16 14:22:55 2002

This Site is Brilliant! Excellent for Jane Austen devoties,Excellent pictures of Mr. Darcy- HE is Gorgeous!

Name: Kymberlee Gibbs-Nilsson E-mail:
City: Moore Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Aug 14 12:40:41 2002

Name: Birgit E-mail:
City: Country: The Netherlands
Homepage: http://www.sokkie.myweb.nlDate: Thu Aug 1 04:38:39 2002
I absolutely love your site, great quality of pictures too, I installed the screensaver right away, and I love it!

Name: Anne Howe E-mail:
City: Queens Village, NY Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Fri Jul 26 10:08:36 2002
I love your screensavers and wallpapers. Thanks so much for my new Colin desktop!

Name: Emily Snodgrass E-mail:
City: Taylors Country: U.S.A
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 23 19:12:23 2002
I really appreaciate(sp?) :) your website, i really, really liked the pictures and screensavers :)

Name: hitomi E-mail:
City: Country: Philippines
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 23 05:36:52 2002
Your homepage is great! I just watched the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice, and it reinforced my love for Jane Austen's novel.

Name: Kenny E-mail:
City: Moose Jaw, SK Country: Canada
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 23 00:59:30 2002
Thanks Susan. Your page and photos are great.

Name: Eronn E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Jul 21 13:34:16 2002
I really like your wallpapers, but you should make them in bigger sizes, too, because my screen is much too big for 800 by 600.

Name: Lenka E-mail:
City: Karvina Country: Czech Republic
Homepage: Date: Sat Jul 20 10:07:41 2002
Thank you for your pages!

Name: Clare E-mail:
City: Manchester Country: England
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 9 16:52:58 2002
Thankyou so much for the brilliant wallpaper and screensavers. I am such a big fan of Pride and Prejudice that i read it most nights and have watched the film countless times. I thankyou very much clare xx

Name: Lauren E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Jun 23 21:35:42 2002
Thank you for the wonderful wallpaper...I've been trying to get one for a while but they were never big enough. You've made my day! Thanks again!

Name: Sam Whitaker E-mail:
City: SurreyCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Sat Jun 22 10:54:11 2002
I am a massive Jane Austen fan - especially of Pride and Prejudice! I can't beleive how many hours of my life I have wasted watching the film! Me and my friend Katherine have seen it so many times that we can now quote whole scenes from it, much to the confusion of other people! This is a fantstic website! I couldn't choose a background cos there are so many good ones but eventually I chose the classic P&P scene - that loving look across the piano at Pemberly! Its beautiful! Lots of love to all the other Jane Austen fans! Sam xxx

Name: Katherine E-mail:
City: Surrey Country: England
Homepage: Date: Tue Jun 18 11:47:39 2002
This is amazing!! I love all three of these films/books and canni believe you do aswell. Me and my friend Sam are obessed!!! I love all the pictures, especially the ones of Colin Firth!! Well done - its great!

Name: lola E-mail:
City: Granada Country: Spain
Homepage: Date: Thu Jun 13 08:14:57 2002

Name: Joanne E-mail:
City: Akron, OHCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Jun 12 03:54:47 2002
Thank you very much, excellent job!

Name: sandra E-mail:
City: montrealCountry: canada
Homepage: Date: Fri May 31 13:53:08 2002
i love to see that there are other fans of Pride and Prejudice, and this site is great, but i'd like to find more information on the 1985 P&P adaptation, starring Elizabeth Garvie and David Rintoul. Maybee a screen saver?

Name: Terra E-mail:
City: CaldwellCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu May 23 12:56:01 2002
I am so glad to see I'm not the only one that likes Mr. Darcy! I'll be starting a Pride and Prejudice group on Yahoo soon hopefully, so check it out!

Name: Terra E-mail:
City: CaldwellCountry: USA
Homepage: None YetDate: Thu May 23 12:47:08 2002
I LOVE YOUR SCREENSAVERS AND WALLPAPERS! I am one of few teenagers that loves Pride and Prejudice I've read the book and watched the movie about 15-20 times, IT'S THE BEST!

Name: Demelza E-mail:
City: NantesCountry: France
Homepage: Date: Wed May 15 09:58:10 2002
I would just like to say that your web site is great I gave my mum (who is a Pride and Prejudice fan) a right surprize when she came on the computer the other day keep to it D.Shaw

Name: JANE E-mail:
Homepage: Date: Tue Apr 30 08:17:20 2002
we don't know each other,from different country. but we all love pride&prejudice and mr.darcy.

Name: Sinead McIlroy E-mail:
City: BELFASTCountry: Northern Ireland
Homepage: Date: Fri Apr 26 05:29:13 2002
As a big fan of Pride & Prejudice and the dashing Mr Darcy I was delighted to find such beautifully constructed screensavers. Now I will not become so bored in work anymore. Thanks very much Susan.

Name: Kim E-mail:
City: SeattleCountry: Washington State, USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Apr 17 15:03:54 2002
Thank you for making these wonderful screen savers! I would love to get a hold of some of the images - where did you get them? Again - thanks so much. I just love this story.

Name: Elmira E-mail:
City: TashkentCountry: Uzbekistan
Homepage: Date: Sat Apr 13 06:19:49 2002
I Love "Pride & Predjudice" movie, but I want read this book in Russian language. Thank you.

Name: ellie E-mail:
City: Country: UK
Homepage: Date: Thu Apr 11 12:50:23 2002

Name: aoibhi E-mail:
City: waterfordCountry: Ireland
Homepage: Date: Thu Apr 11 06:32:26 2002
I love everything about the 1995 version of "Pride and Prejudice" especially Colin Firth's Darcy and Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth! So thank you for this page it's great!

Name: Krystal Ann Morrison E-mail:
City: SacramentoCountry: California
Homepage: Date: Mon Apr 8 19:10:34 2002
I will enjoy your web site indeed I will...

Name: CarolCrook E-mail:
City: LibertyCountry: usa
Homepage: yahooDate: Tue Apr 2 23:28:54 2002
Ilove any movies or anything that pertains to the victorian era orearlier time period.

Name: Elizabeth Tuckfield E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Wed Mar 27 21:25:39 2002
I can always used screensaver from my favorite movies! I'm glad I found you.

Name: tuphuong E-mail:
City: nha trangCountry: vietnam
Homepage: Date: Tue Mar 26 01:11:38 2002

Name: Lee Brothers E-mail:
City: Ft. WorthCountry: USA
Homepage: Fri Mar 22 00:25:13 2002
Thank you so much for the downloads, they are wonderful!

Name: Maria Shatto E-mail:
City: Canon CityCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu Mar 21 23:11:11 2002
Great site. I love the screen saver and wallpaper.

Homepage: Date: Fri Mar 8 23:42:44 2002
I LOVE Pride and Prejudice movie! This site is great and I loved browsing through it!

Name: Jill (Straney) Geisendorfer E-mail:
City: Sterling Heights, MICountry: US
Homepage: Date: Fri Mar 8 16:04:40 2002
Are you my 4th and 5th grade language arts teacher from Williamsville, NY? Maple West Elementary, 1974-1976? Just checking, same name. Anyway, I'm just watching the P&P tape now and I'm not getting much else done in my life! Love it!

Name: Paola E-mail:
City: los angelesCountry: EEUU
Homepage: Date: Fri Mar 1 20:11:29 2002

Name: Susan E-mail:
City: AlbuquerqueCountry: USA
Homepage: noneDate: Thu Feb 28 08:13:52 2002
I love the calendar pages... when do you plan to do March? Thanks so much for all the lovely screensavers & wallpapers for P&P!

City: VINTON VACountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu Feb 21 20:36:20 2002

Name: Sanela E-mail:
City: AnkenyCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Feb 20 14:08:25 2002
Great site. I love the novels by Jane Austin. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice. I love the screen saver. Great job!

Name: Linda Hoffman E-mail:
City: Campbell, Ca.Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Tue Feb 12 03:43:08 2002
Thank you for raising the quality of my favorite pictures from this movie. You have done an outstanding job! This Thank you is from a true Jane Austin (Mr. Darcy too) fan.

Name: Magdalena E-mail:
City: ChorzowCountry: Poland
Homepage: Date: Mon Feb 11 00:02:35 2002
It' a marvellous site. Thank you.

Name: Maggan E-mail:
City: OrebroCountry: Sweden
Homepage: Date: Thu Feb 7 13:36:50 2002
Thanks for this great site:-)

Name: Laura E-mail:
City: KalamazooCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Tue Feb 5 00:09:59 2002
WONDERFUL site! Absolutely love both the film adaptation and the novel of "Pride and Prejudice"... I have yet to see "Sense and Sensiblity" on the screen, but I also loved that novel. *grin* Now I am distracted nearly every minute by my lovely screensaver! Thanks so much.

Name: Selina Song E-mail:
City: NantongCountry: China
Homepage: Date: Sun Feb 3 11:26:08 2002
Cheer up!

Name: sarah murphy E-mail:
City: cardiffCountry: wales
Homepage: Date: Fri Jan 25 12:20:52 2002
thankyou for the lovely pictures of the very handsome Colin Firth on the page. i have downloaded him as my wallpaper. thankyou very much.

Name: jee-young, Park E-mail:
City: Dae-guCountry: S.Korea
Homepage: Date: Wed Jan 23 11:10:49 2002
Thank you for your kindness! l like this movie because it has great actor and actoress. (Jennifer Ehle,Collin Firth) Be happy everyday!

Name: Ruth E-mail:
City: HoustonCountry: United States
Homepage: Date: Fri Jan 11 11:53:16 2002
Susan, what a lovely website and thank you for the great images.

Name: Valerie E-mail:
City: CaliforniaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Tue Jan 8 18:03:44 2002
Thanks so much for the images! It's nice to see so many people enjoyed the production as much as I did.

Name: Paul Nichols E-mail:
City: Bluff City, TNCountry: USA
Homepage: NoneDate: Tue Jan 8 17:06:54 2002
Thanks for all the work you have done to bring these movies to life on our computers. The screen savers certainly do brighten up the dark and dreary days of winter.

Name: Michael M. Sinclair E-mail:
City: LouisvilleCountry: U.S.A.
Homepage: N/ADate: Sat Jan 5 14:00:11 2002
Dear Susan, Thank you for all the information on Pride and Prejudice. I hope to surprize my wife with the screen savers. She introduced me to Jane Austin when we were married. We particularly enjoyed this production. The country dances and balls were really well executed and the camera work was very good indeed. My wife and I had the good sense to show up for the Georgette Heyer Tea Dances at the Los Angeles and Chicago World Science Fiction Convention. The country dances were a lot of fun. Again, thanks for all the work you have done on this site!

Name: Elizabeth E-mail:
City: TorontoCountry: Canada
Homepage: Don't got oneDate: Wed Jan 2 22:33:33 2002
I adored the movie so much. Jennifer Ehle is amazing and echanting in this particular film I find that she make you laughe and cry and the same moment she does in the film. She is tarty and well spoken for a lady at that time, and i admire that completely. Aslo when watching the movie I also have 4 other sisters and each of them have a similar character in the movie which is quite interesting. My closest to one character is Elizabeth Bennet, and because we have the same name. well i will come back with more to say latter GOODBYE

Name: Philippa E-mail:
City: ArmaghCountry: Northern Ireland
Homepage: Date: Tue Jan 1 13:16:31 2002
Thanks - great effort

Name: Christine E-mail:
City: LeedsCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Sun Dec 30 04:22:10 2001
Thank you Susan. Absolutely adore the screensaver for P&P. Very clever indeed and so lovely when it clicks in. Have put it on my PC and love to see the different quotes. Being British the only query I have is the American spelling of "honour" in the quotes. Otherwise, PERFECT!! And thank you.

Name: Irma Fannin E-mail:
City: Overland Park, KS 66213Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Dec 30 00:55:25 2001
Well Done!!!Love your wallpaper! Thanks for sharing.

Name: Lynne E-mail:
City: San DiegoCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sat Dec 29 14:59:39 2001
Delightful! Thank you for sharing.

Name: Malina E-mail:
City: IllinoisCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Mon Dec 10 11:51:44 2001
Your website is WONDERFUL. I love all of the backgrounds and saved one as wallpaper on my computer. My 2 year old loves your website too. She actually sat on my lap the whole time. This is a child that won't sit still for anything. Everything she says now days is Mr. Darcy this and Mr. Darcy that. It's so cute. I'll be visiting often. Thanks for the free stuff :-) Malina

Name: Anne Frances E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Sat Dec 8 12:11:59 2001
This is a great site--I'd love it even more if there were Emma and Persuasion wallpapers, etc.! Pretty please? ;-)

Name: Shivana E-mail:
City: PhoenixCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Dec 5 17:56:02 2001
I loved the opportunity to have these picture to add to my screensaver collection. I am a huge Jane Austen fan. P.S I am getting married to a man with the last name Austgen... Pretty close to Jane's last name don't you think????

Name: Annemargreet Wierenga E-mail:
City: LettelbertCountry: the Netherlands
Homepage: Date: Sun Dec 2 11:51:59 2001
nice site, especially the wallpapers!!!

Name: Dana E-mail:
City: PasadebaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Dec 2 00:06:27 2001

Name: Heinä E-mail:
City: LieksaCountry: Finland
Homepage: Date: Tue Nov 27 01:46:58 2001
P&P is the best book I ever read!! thanks for this page!!

Name: Nastassja E-mail:
City: CorfuCountry: Greece
Homepage: Date: Wed Nov 21 11:55:28 2001
Dear Susan, i suppose that all of us Jane Austen's admirers should be greatly indebted to you. This site is absolutely fabulous and the gift... oh dear... that's a whole different story. What an incredible job you've done here so that we can enjoy our favorite films all the time. We thank you again. Yours, Nastassja.

Name: Elzara E-mail:
City: SimferopolCountry: Ukraine
Homepage: Date: Tue Nov 20 05:55:02 2001
Dear Susan, Thank you very much for this page!!!

Name: Karen Barclay E-mail:
City: San Antonio, TXCountry:
Homepage: Date: Sun Nov 18 23:23:34 2001
I love your screensaver!!!!

Name: Mary Beth E-mail:
City: FloridaCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Nov 18 19:31:55 2001
Thanks for these! I'll definitely use them on my office computer

Name: Jerney langbroek E-mail:
City: sprang-capelleCountry:
Homepage: Date: Fri Nov 9 04:55:24 2001
Jane Austen is mijn favorite schrijfster. ik hoop ooit nog eens haar eerste druk in bezit te hebben. je raakt meteen van de wereld als je haar boeken en films ziet. het is jammer dat ik er niet persoonlijk kan ontmoeten maar ik geniet wel van haar boeken. groetjes -xxx- jm langbroek

Name: saskia renner E-mail:
City: FreiburgCountry: Germany
Homepage: Date: Tue Nov 6 07:47:23 2001
Thank you so much for those gorgeous screensavers ! I've downlowded them all and can't decide which one I love best. All JA- addicts are indebted to you.

Name: Carissa Torres E-mail:
City: N.Y.Country: U.S.A.
Homepage: Date: Sat Oct 20 08:33:55 2001
I luv the pictures.I'm absolutely hooked on the movie,pics,and the book.

Name: Meliss tatz E-mail:
City: nyCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sat Oct 20 01:01:56 2001
thank for the pictures they are the best!!!!!! big fan

Name: Joanna Mahan E-mail:
City: HillsboroCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Fri Oct 19 23:03:57 2001
I am stuck on these movies. They are my life line.

Name: Joanne E-mail:
City: Country: Canada
Homepage: Fri Oct 19 15:20:01 2001
What a fabulous site you have! I've downloaded your P&P screensaver, and love it. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for a wonderful visit.

Name: Marina E-mail:
City: MinskCountry: Belarus
Homepage: Date: Tue Oct 16 12:41:00 2001
Thanx so very much for the incredible wallpapers!! I love the film so much, it's been such luck to bump into your site..

Name: Jaye Lander E-mail:
City: Dallas TXCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Fri Oct 12 21:06:51 2001
Susan, The shot's are wonderful! The page is a joy! I heard about it at the Firthden. "Your praises have not been exagerated."

Name: Angela E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Sun Oct 7 15:21:28 2001
Very classical, love your screensavers

Name: Bahareh E-mail:
City: IrvineCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sat Oct 6 00:54:30 2001
Thank you so much for the wonderful wallpapers! It's like watching the film all over again.

Name: Bev E-mail:
City: AberdeenCountry: Britain
Homepage: Date: Mon Oct 1 14:38:07 2001

Name: Anne E-mail:
City: SydneyCountry: Australia
Homepage: Date: Sun Sep 30 06:25:42 2001
A truely beautiful site! I have added it to my favourite's folder. Thank you for your time and effort. Anne

Name: Lorri E-mail:
City: Fort Walton BeachCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu Sep 27 10:40:28 2001
I'm very glad to know of others who enjoy fine literature, particularly Pride and Prejudice. Thank you for the screensavers and wallpaper. They certanly dress up my desktop!

Name: Marli E-mail:
City: LeónCountry: Spain
Homepage: Date: Fri Sep 21 04:46:21 2001
Dear Susan, Your screensavers are great. Wouldn't know which one to pick as my favorite. Are you planning to do one on Emma2? That would be excellent.

Name: Kathleen Marie E-mail:
City: Country: New York
Homepage: Date: Wed Sep 19 20:18:51 2001
this site is very good!

Name: Rose E-mail:
City: San DiegoCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Sep 16 02:49:20 2001
I really enjoyed these, You are very good.

Name: Michele E-mail:
City: San DiegoCountry: United States of America
Homepage: www.2thesky.comDate: Sun Sep 16 02:45:03 2001
Thank you for making all of those wonderful screensavers and wallpapers available to us. They were all just perfect and I downloaded them all.

Name: Ana Sofia Gomes E-mail:
City: Vila RealCountry: Portugal
Homepage: Date: Thu Sep 6 17:06:24 2001
I simply loved your page,it is in deed a wonderful job.Personally i prefer Pride and Prejudice but i really like Sense and Sensibility specially Ellinor and Edward.What about Emma did you enjoy it? I wuold like to know you better.Please send me a mail,ok? Sincerely yours,Ana Sofia.

Name: Kristen E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Tue Aug 21 20:22:01 2001
Lovely! Thank you so much!

Name: Becky E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Mon Aug 20 09:10:42 2001
I love to see that a classic is still appreciated. Thank you.

Name: susan madden fey E-mail:
City: berlinCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: Thu Aug 16 16:14:10 2001

Name: Susan E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: noneDate: Tue Aug 14 16:12:09 2001
I am both an educator and lover of great literature. This is probably the very best adaptation of any great novel that I have ever seen. Andrew Davies added two scenes not in the novel and for the first time in my life... I found them relevant and poignant. Exquisite indeed!

Name: Lulu E-mail: lulu_creative@hotmail
City: perthCountry: australia
Homepage: Date: Wed Aug 8 03:07:35 2001

City: PLANOCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Mon Aug 6 09:32:04 2001

Name: DSC E-mail:
City: SydneyCountry: Australia
Homepage: Date: Mon Aug 6 06:44:57 2001
Dear Susan Thank you so much for your effort in producing this website. It is excellent. I have downloaded some P & P wallpapers and S/Savers as a surprise for my wife - who would have to be one of P & P's biggest fans. Anyway, thanks again. Cheers dc

Name: Irit Shein E-mail:
City: NesherCountry: Israel
Homepage: Date: Wed Aug 1 18:55:00 2001
I got hooked on P&P after watching Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary (same character, similar basic plot) and OH MY GOD! I'm totally in love! I jenerally dislike the genre, but I cannot bring myself to pressing the 'eject' button on my VCR pannel. And so I was perfectly content to discover your site. It is simply capital. Thank you ever so much :-)(-:

Name: Sylvie Mercier E-mail:
City: Quebec cityCountry: Canada
Homepage: Date: Sat Jul 28 23:10:45 2001

Name: Carine E-mail:
City: Country: The Netherlands
Homepage: http://www.ssr-nu.nlDate: Thu Jul 26 15:32:42 2001
I just love Pride and prejudice. I lost count on how many times I've seen it. Darcy just stole my heart... Your site is great too. I've taken the tenth wallpaper and I just love it.

Name: gisselle-nadinne E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Thu Jul 26 14:07:02 2001
I love Pride and Prejudice its the best novel and movie of all time!i never in life have seen someone play the role of Elizabeth so well.

Name: gisel E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 24 17:33:53 2001

Name: helda E-mail:
City: pescaraCountry: Italia
Homepage: genie.itDate: Wed Jul 18 14:31:10 2001

Name: Linda E-mail:
City: JacksonvilleCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Jul 18 12:29:25 2001
I am in love with Jane Austen's writings, especially Pride and Prejudice. My most favorite movie!!

Name: Miss Sarah E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 17 15:32:38 2001
I have enjoyed both movies "Pride and Prejudice" and "Sence and Sencibility," so I was pleasantly surprised indeed when I discovered your web site.

Name: Mona E-mail:
City: BucharestCountry: Romania
Homepage: Date: Thu Jul 12 05:40:25 2001
Thanks for the posibility of having pride and prejudice every day on my computer

Name: Rebecca E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed Jul 11 13:55:24 2001
I enjoyed your pride & prejudice screensavers very, very much. The beautiful arrangements of images and sound very well satisfied my craving for another dose of P&P. :) Thank you!

Name: Lauren E-mail:
City: Penn LairdCountry: usa
Homepage: Date: Mon Jul 9 19:59:36 2001
Colin Firth is the hottest man alive! I've seen all his films and love them all. Pride and Prejudice is the best one though!

Name: Lucy Cheyney E-mail:
City: RoughtonCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Mon Jul 9 15:52:58 2001
I love Pride & Prejudice it is my favourite story & film. I think Mr. Darcy is very hansome so does my sister & Mummy. bye from Lucy!

Name: hadas ben dov E-mail:
City: jerusalemCountry: israel
Homepage: Date: Sat Jul 7 15:57:13 2001

Name: Charlotte Darcy (i wish!) E-mail:
City: WolverhamptonCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Thu Jul 5 17:39:31 2001
Thank you so much for the screensavers and wallpaper, I now can indulge in the wonder that is Pride and Prejudice even if I dont have 6 hours to hand! Thanks again! x

Name: hilda garciasalmones E-mail:
City: mexico,d.f.Country: mexico
Homepage: Date: Tue Jul 3 12:30:12 2001

Name: Lini E-mail:
City: LondonCountry: UK
Homepage: noneDate: Mon Jul 2 13:33:23 2001
i watched Pride and prejudice yesterday and I almost fainted because Colin Firth was sosososoooo georgeous. and now, thanx 2 u, I can have him on my compyter too. Thanx sososososooo much.

Name: Emeline E-mail:
City: AmanvillersCountry: FRANCE
Homepage: Date: Mon Jul 2 08:20:38 2001
oh my god!!! I LOVE the film but also the site!! there are very beautiful pictures!!!!!

Name: Sharon Rossetto E-mail:
City: HillsboroughCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Sun Jul 1 17:59:13 2001
This is the best website I have ever seen for Pride and Prejudice. Thank you so much. I love the Desktop theme and screensavers.

Name: Maureen Young E-mail:
City: WhyallaCountry: Australia
Homepage: Date: Fri Jun 29 06:46:34 2001

Name: Kathy E-mail:
City: LeónCountry: Spain
Homepage: Date: Thu Jun 28 13:10:39 2001
Thanks for the screensaver.

Name: Adriana Anguiano E-mail:
City: VillahermosaCountry: Mexico
Homepage: Date: Thu Jun 28 10:47:33 2001
I love this page, it takes me away from work problems. So I come back a try again.

Name: Shun-Chen Huang E-mail:
City: KaohsiungCountry: Taiwan
Homepage: Date: Tue Jun 26 01:37:47 2001

Name: Helen E-mail:
City: Country: UK
Homepage: Sat Jun 23 13:40:15 2001
Susan - you're a gem! Finally a website that has a download for a P&P screensaver/wallpaper. I can now live a happy contented lady >;o)

Name: Michele E-mail:
City: Severn, MDCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Fri Jun 22 15:32:55 2001
What a treat! Thanks for the great wallpaper!

Name: Nalie E-mail:
City: Saint PaulCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Thu Jun 21 18:56:27 2001
Really love the wallpaper...great job!

Name: Abigail Williams E-mail:
City: LondonCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Sat Jun 16 17:12:50 2001
What an absolutely delightful website. Wonderful. Is there any possibility of you putting on your website a wallpaper picture showing the delightful Mr Darcy in the scene when he has just got out of the lake at Pemberley. It would be marvellous if you could get this picture. Abigail & Charlotte

Name: Charlotte E-mail:
City: Country:
Homepage: n/aDate: Fri Jun 15 16:18:12 2001
i love pride and prejudice and you have got wonderful images. awesome site

Name: Anidha E-mail:
City: SingaporeCountry: Singapore
Homepage: Date: Thu Jun 14 03:36:49 2001
Thank you very much for the lovely wallpapers. I finally found "Pemberley"

Name: arline westgarth E-mail:
City: walsallCountry: england
Homepage: Date: Sat Jun 2 16:24:35 2001
I have downloaded your wallpaper excellent pictures of Mr. Darcy just what I need for my computer

Name: Tricia Stanier E-mail:
City: Vista , CACountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Wed May 30 21:44:52 2001
Thank You Thank You I love it!

Name: Maria Peres E-mail:
City: LisbonCountry: Portugal
Homepage: Date: Tue May 29 17:33:02 2001
It's a fabulous site the wall papers are realy cool!

Name: Annie E-mail:
City: RaleighCountry: USA
Homepage: Date: Mon May 28 21:15:47 2001
Mr. Darcy is soooo sexy! I would die to meet him. But meanwhile I can content myself w/ this website!

Name: melissa E-mail:
City: Country: USA
Homepage: Date: Fri May 25 11:27:38 2001
I think those screen savers and wallpaper are neat! With the black in the background they look fancy. Maybe you could make some more screen savers like the wallpaper and also some ones with different backgrounds and pictures. I am a Jane Austen Fan, Melissa

Name: Red E-mail: *
City: LondonCountry: England
Homepage: Date: Mon May 21 18:12:26 2001
Darcy and Lizzy make the best ever couple. I just wish they were married for real.

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Mr Darcy is the fittest man alive! If ne1 who's got msn messager wants 2 chat bout him just e-mail me!!!!

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Mr Darcy, DING DONG!!!

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This site is just what I've been looking for!

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Thank you!Your page was the answer to my preyers.I`ve been trying to fit the small photos that i have found in other pages on my desktop but it does look good.It`s also good to know i`m not the only one posessed with P&P.I`d realy like to talk to someone over the book and share my excitement.So if you`re willing, i`m waiting

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I loved the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I am just happy to find so many great shots of the characters, especially Mr Darcy (Colin Firth).

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Fantastic web page had a great visit. Will keep popping back to feed my P&P habit THANK YOU Ruth

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I've been looking all over the internet for P&P wallpaper and screensavers--Thanks for posting your beautiful work!

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thanks for the adorable pictures of Mr. Darcy!!!

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Thanks for the lovely pics and wallpaper & screensaver: long live Pride and Prejudice

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What a lovely site...thank you for creating such lovely screensavers and've certainly made this P&P fan happy!

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Thank you so much for providing these delightful pictures. They provide a much needed respite during a busy day at work. :-)

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I enjoyed your website very much. I live not 25 miles from Pemberley, but have not yet visited, I must try to get around to it !,

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thankyou for all the lovely pictures of P+P you have posted here! and i love the wedding kiss animation! :-)

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Susan, Thank you ever so much. I enjoy the desktop pictures everyday! Andeen

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hi ur screensavers are absolutely fabulous thanks a lot.....

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I really love this novel, and I hope have more information

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thank you for the sreensavers with Pride&prejudice. i just adore them

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Great Downloads...but do you think you could have the piture of Lizzie and Darcy in the carriage right after the wedding. I'm sure I am not the only one that loves that particular image. But thank you for the pictures you have offered.

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this is a great webpage! i love pride and prejudice especially COLIN FIRTH!

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Hey love the backgrounds and screensavers. Love what you have done. One question though could you add more backgorund scenes fromt the movie. Like the one were were Mr. Darcy proposes for the second time.

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Mr. Darcy is a Dream!!!

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At last, a P&P screensaver!

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i love pride and prejudice! keep up the good work! but i can't get the screen saver on my computer. Is there any for macs? Ma

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Great site; I'm so relieved to find out that so many others are obsessed with P & P.

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Dear Susan, Thank you so much for providing all p&p lovers with your wonderful screensavers and wallpapers. As soon as my computer is working again I will test each one of them. I will have a hard time to decide which I love the best. Oh, I should love to get more of those. Thanks and Bye Bye

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Thank you so much for having created these wonderful screensavers and wallpapers. They were just what I needed after falling deeply in love with the "Pride And Prejudice" miniseries. May God bless you a lot!!!

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Such lovely photos and such a tough decision. Thank you so much for the photos. Lizzy is beautiful and Darcy is handsome.

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"How splendid a website!!!" Having just recently been introduced to the incredible world of Jane Austen & Pride & seems my appetite for more is insatiable. Thanks for the fun computer accessories...but where is the pic of the "less formally attired Mr. Darcy?" (Having gone for a swim in the Pemberley Pond.) Thanks for the fun!!

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Hi i love your site i've got it all on my desktop and screensavers it's realy kool Thank you. It's great.

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Lovely, lovely! I am so glad the movie made its way to my country. I do enjoy it ever so much. Thanks for making the pictures available!

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I am an English graduate and I adore 18th and 19th century English lit. And Jane Austen is one of my favourites. I just cannit decide who I like best, Lizzy or Darcy. Uhmm, I think Darcy, he's on my wallpaper, and have you seen Colin in "Nostromo" BRILLIANT!!!!

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Love the screensavers!!!

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i love pride and prejudice and i think it is great that i can now be reminded of my favourite novel every time i switch on!

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The double image of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as they part at Pemberley is my absolute Favorite in P&P2. Thanks so much for helping us share it!

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i love the pictures. could you please create a wallpaper of elizabeth, darcy, jane, and bingley (their weddings) from the a&e movie. thanks

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thanks for making this available. I've been looking for quite some time for one.

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I am not sure how I am going to start or even what to write. I am just finishing high school and I became familiar with the novel from Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice". The book is just excellent but nothing compared to the film version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Believe it or not but I just fell in love with that story and would read it over and over. I think I wrote enough and come to an end. Good luck in future and good bye. Dajana

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Pride and Prejudice is by far the most fabulous book ever written in the English language.

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Thank you for the great screen saver and wallpaper! How about a shot of Lizzie looking back at Mr. Darcy from her carriage as she leaves Pemberly-- love that.

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Thank you for your thoughtfulness in providing such wonderful screen savers. I have downloaded both and am quite entertained by them!

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Inspirational and very appealing screen savers. this beats the strange squiggly lines I currently have cavorting around my desktop.

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I am in raptures of your fine design for screensavers. Pray, do you also excell at netting? Most exceedingly grateful for your superior talent and generousity dear Susan. LA

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Susan: I am still enjoying the screensaver with music, although sometimes I do turn the sound way down! I'm also going to try out the wallpaper of Darcy...I hope I followed directions right. Thanks so much for these!

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Great sight!!

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Susan you have given me the greatest gift (picture of Darcy for my desktop) Thank you so much. He is really gorgeous. How do you download the screensaver not to be on the screan but on the list of screensaver.

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